Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Vinegar Cleaning Solution

This is my favorite Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution Recipe:

1 Part White Vinegar
1 Part 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
3 Parts Water

Pour in a trigger bottle and shake well to mix. I always add 20 or so drops of essential oil like Honeysuckle or Lavender for a nice scent. Tea Tree Oil would also increase the anti-microbial properties of this mix, although the Vinegar and Alcohol do well on their own.

I keep this under my bathroom sink, along with a roll of paper towels. As Chico is having his bath each night, I clean the bathroom from top to bottom with this solution. That means less bottles stored under then sink, and less money spent on cleansers at the store. It works on the glass, tile counters, walls, baseboards, and yes, the Throne as well. Then when Chico's done in the tub, I come back and clean the tub / shower enclosure. The only other cleaner I use on a daily basis is some bowl cleaner inside the toilet.

A caveat: Q insists that this smells like vinegar. I insist that it only smells like whatever essential oil I've added. He does concede that the smell dissapates after 20 minutes or thereabouts, and so he does not object to me using it.

Saving time, space, and money on cleaning? Oh yeah, that Works for Me!

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Amy said...

What would we do without good old vinegar? I love that stuff! I posted last week that I used a vinegar water solution in my carpet cleaner. We did have the vinegar smell throughout our house, but it went away within the hour. Now our carpets just smell really clean!

I am going to try that solution today! Thank you!

jen said...

This is a great tip! I love that you know EXACTLY what's in it, so you're not spraying random chemicals where your family lives.

Vinegar is amazing! If it could only get my kid to take a nap, we'd be in business :)